01 Paź Roland Fantom G8

Advanced Sound Engine Driven by a powerful new audio processor, the Fantom-G provides new sonic depth and versatility. With twice the wave-ROM capacity of its predecessor, it contains a treasure trove of Roland’s world-famous SRX-quality sounds, but what really sets this instrument apart is its new...

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01 Paź SSL Matrix2

Key Features 40 input SuperAnalogue™ summing console: 16 analogue line channels with two inputs per channel 32 x 16 x 16 'Insert Router' for up to 16 external hardware processing devices Hardware processors can be inserted via console controls or cross platform drag and drop software browser Hardware processors can...

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01 Paź Avalon 737SP – Direct Recording Channel

VT-737SP SPECIFICATIONS Circuit topology Four dual triode vacuum tubes (Sovtek 6922), high-voltage discrete Class A Gain Range Microphone: Transformer balanced 850/2500 ohm, 0dB to +58dB Instrument: Unbalanced 1 meg ohm, 0dB to+30dB Line: Balanced Class A 20k ohms, -27dB to 28dB Maximum input level and connector types Microphone26dB@25Hz,...

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01 Paź Ableton Live

Use Live on two monitors. See the Session and Arrangement at the same time. Work with a clip and its devices simultaneously for better control of Session automation. Live takes advantage of multiple monitors to show you more at once. Use your second monitor to...

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